One Brief Moment of Joy

immersive theatre · undone horizon productions · Ages 18+ · United States of America

world premiere

“One Brief Moment of Joy” is about those tiny encounters that brighten your day; it’s the stranger complimenting your jacket while on the street; it’s an unexpected celebration of your presence in the universe. It’s less about going somewhere and more the journey within.

Hearing of E.K. Verlaine’s introspective and enlightening parties, you meet with one of their colleagues for a personal interview to potentially enter the community. When accepted, you’ll join eleven other strangers for an evening of openness and participation. Guided by the elusive E.K. Verlaine and their friends, you’ll have a collective experience aimed at embracing who you are in an uplifting and respectful space. Will you delve deep or uncover a new side of yourself?

This show is recommended only for the open and adventurous; it will also be filmed for a livestream audience. Due to the nature of the show you will be speaking mostly in English and your participation will be nonstop. Leading up, we’ll be in touch in order to customize each evening for our special guests and initiate them into the “One Brief Moment of Joy” movement.

We recognize the lack of street parking in this area and will have a parking lot available for guests.

“One Brief Moment of Joy” features of the musical stylings of Dolly Spectra, the visual language of E.K. Verlaine, and the interactive design of Undone Horizon.

“I’m not a very open person.” — E.K. Verlaine

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