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Ageless Wonders: A Grown up kids Guide to Growing Newer

solo performance · princess wow productions · Ages 10+ · family friendly · one person show · United States of America

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June 12, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Precious little. The subject was potentially interesting.

What I didn't like

Learn the material so that you don’t need to keep referring to your notes. Smile. Light it so we can see your face. Engage and entertain.

My overall impression

We went in expecting to have a one-person exploration of the aspects of aging, and how one can age without gaining the “Get Off My Lawn” attitude. We expected a performer that had the material down pat, that was able to engage and tell the story and keep the audience entranced. That view would be reinforced by all the rave reviews on the performers website. One would expect a highly entertaining, well-organized, one-person show. I don’t know what show those people were seeing (or what they were smoking). Perhaps she was having a bad day, but what we got was something different. What we got was the author, Mindy Fradkin (FB), also known as “Princess Wow“, rambling and telling the story of her life, constantly putting on her glasses and reading from her notes, and then taking them off again. Incidents were told multiple times. There was disorganization on the slides shown, and they often didn’t seem to convey anything useful. It came across as a self-indulgent rental of a theatre space. Full writeup at

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