Final Preparations

One More Chance · macnair productions · Ages 13+ · United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

one person show

Poe is a former art student who has been making a living bringing “life” to the dead with makeup. As the last step in preparing the bodies for burial, Poe is usually working late nights at the mortuary. This night, though, his “canvas” is a little girl; a child prodigy that was a world class pianist. What starts as just another day on the job becomes a reflection on art, until things take a few horrifying turns.

This is a 30 minute show with no intermission. There will be NO ADMITTANCE after the start of the show. PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE LATE.

Writer-actor Christopher Lyons holds the Los Angeles premiere of his one-man-horror show. It’s world premiere was part of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire’s 2016 MFA Showcase in Birmingham, UK. Christopher, a long time horror fan, intended to explore how to scare an audience with live theatre. With the success of “Final Preparations” in Birmingham, he’s opted to try the show in the United States for those who dare to test their will in a darkened theatre, one actor, and a corpse…

Production Team

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