Foxhole Stories: Twist, Pull, Smoke, Run-Motherfucker-Run!

the foxhole stories · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 14, 2018 certified reviewer

What I liked

Read overall.
Producers, invest in this team.
Follow this show.
The relationship between Adam and T Dog rivals Figt Club but adds heart and sincerity rarely seen in onstage male relationships. Beautiful.

What I didn't like

This show is fighting against an unknown adversary that isn’t discussed enough in our re-activist climate, and that is the lack of discussion. With all the protests, movements, hash-tags, it is confusing to say the least why the ongoing war and thousands of Americans affected doesn’t seem to enter the mainstream conversation. This play offers a sincere look into a war happening all around you. The homeless vet with a sign, the headline reading more Veterans being stripped of basic needs, all things happening all around us not being addressed nearly enough.
I want more people to see this.

My overall impression

Twist, Pull, Smoke, Run-Motherfucker- Run is this generations Tracers and may be one of my favorite pieces of theatre.
What starts off as a cute metropolitan take on the ‘soldier-back-home’ narrative is given resonant tension with the addition of a non-verbal military presence sitting in on the scene. Director Chris Game deserves ample applause for building tension throughout the entire piece leading to a climax that reinvigorates the medium.
When the non-verbal marine (played by Brock Joseph) dressed in fatigues awakens the show takes flight. Given Joseph’s performance, the Fringe community really does need to start legitimately thinking about Acting awards for future seasons.
His performance is stunningly beautiful and at times heart-wrenching and soft. From his awakening to the final bows I was completely taken, along for a ride that is of utmost importance for all audiences.
From lighting design, tech, fight choreography, this night of theatre serves up far more than most fringe shows manage to accomplish. The entire team should be immensely proud and I am a lifelong fan.

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