Andy: The Red-nosed Warhola

immersive theatre · ezra buzzington · Ages 19+ · United States of America

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June 22, 2017 stage raw and la bitter lemons original article

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When Andy Warhol died in 1987, Ezra Buzzington (director, and godfather of the Hollywood Fringe) was inspired to create a piece based on Warhol’s writings and diaries. What he’s created is a wild exploration of a fascinating and baffling person who was rife with anxiety.

Warhol’s mother once told him, “Don’t be pushy, but let everyone know you’re around.” This mantra is evident throughout the piece.

Performed in the store window of the LA-LA Land Gallery (and surrounded by pop art), this is a perfect setting for Warhol’s words about beauty, art, sex, and consumerism. With grey hair, clad in black with dark sunglasses, Kara Emry delivers his words without emotion, leading to many humorous discoveries within the text. Buzzington cleverly incorporates two “beauties” (Krista Conti and Will McMichael), turning Warhol’s musings into trialogue. This not only highlights Warhol’s own personal contradictions and internal conflicts, but also provides a unique theatrical experience.

You may not leave the gallery with greater insight into who Andy Warhol was, but it’s a clever piece that breezes by in just 35 minutes.

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