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June 26, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Wigs, McDonalds

What I didn't like

More balloons..

My overall impression

Watching Wigs, the new performance art/play by Lindsay Beamish and Amanda Vitiello, was a little bit like being stuck somewhere between some of Jean Paul Sartre writings, and a Luis Bunuel film, with a little bit of Saw IV being thrown in for good measure. As the play opens, the two girls are trying on wig after wig, and you have no idea why, and they have different names and personalities for each wig, and i guess all you are thinking is which wig you like them best in and then that becomes very creepy when you realize that they are trying these on for their captor, whose voice can only be heard somewhere behind an imaginary curtain, as Lindsay and Amanda also miraculously do the voice of their own captor, which will later become very interesting in this play, when finally it seems like they are able to escape this nightmare, and yet on some level they refuse to leave or can’t. . Perhaps they cannot overcome their own inner demons? and we as an audience are left to feel the existential angst and absurdity at the heart of the human condition and also the inscrutable bond that brings people together… Not since Eleanor Parkers performance in “Caged”, has there been quite as devastating a performance as Lindsay Beamish playing one of the imprisoned girls. And Amanda Vitiello does a damn good absurdist Agnes Moorehead as well. As they dance and prance there way through this performance with a little bit of humor and McDonalds sprinkled in, we are left to wonder, will they ever got out of their imprisonment, and will we as an audience ever really get out of the absurdity and dread that often define our own human conditions.

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