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Review by JIM DRAIN

June 26, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: heartbreaking · scary · hopeful · mesmerizing

What I liked

the script was spare, making the cruelty that much more pointed. The agility of the actors to take on different personas, their ability to express duress and hope at the same time was an achievement.

What I didn't like

It was a very effective performance that took me by surprise (I guess that means I shy away from surprises).

My overall impression

I was drawn in: it was not apparent at first what the actions meant, creating a tension- who was the real audience? The room transformed once the context revealed itself to be more frightening than possibly imagined. We were watching two captors undergoing extreme cruelty. The script and set had an efficiency that kept the audience enraptured-so much could be done with very little: wigs became babies, shirts became boyfriends, bedsheets hid a monster. I loved how the play ended. It took captivity as a concept into the infinite. I read into it: that we are all somehow captured by our selves- our actions, our bodies, our relationships.

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