Fire & Light

immersive theatre · firelight collective · Ages 18+ · United States of America

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June 08, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: teasing · philosophical · spiritual · fun · interactive

What I liked

“Fire” was a beautifully choreographed piece of ensemble work, with some clever ways to portray the dynamics between the partygoers and extending those dynamics with me, both observer and participant. The steamier side to the show was presented as a seductive progression toward the climactic truths of each character. Fine acting all the way around and a well- dressed set. I enjoyed the party bus to the second part, “Light.” In transition to part 2 and riding back to where part 1 was presented, I loved the element of surprise on the bus and it made me feel special!
“Light” was a quiet, cleansing and more intimate meditation on life’s bigger questions. The scene had an element of mystery and the setting was a peaceful, relaxing space that left me introspective. I liked how it ended. Both parts involved some interactive elements that unfolded naturally.

What I didn't like

I felt “Light” was a mysterious experience, but also slightly confusing.
It was “steeped” in philosophy, yet I wished the interactive elements and dialogue between the characters were fleshed out with a bit more clarity and a little less abstract. For me, it was more about trying to figure out what’s happening vs. enjoying what’s being presented. Ironically, I DO consider myself someone who lives more in questions than answers. The problem may possibly have been that heavy, philosophical inquiries require more time for me to process.

My overall impression

A fun, immersive ride leading me on a journey that ultimately ends with a philosophical inquiry around life’s purpose. The show was both titillating and thought-provoking. Quite original!

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