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Transmission - A One Tran Show

extended aug 6, 11 & 12 - winner encore! award; nominee flying solo award · Ages 13+ · includes nudity · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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Review by LEAH WELCH

June 22, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: play · trans · gender · identity · Gender Identity · sex

What I liked

The narrative.

What I didn't like

More allocation of funds for up-and-coming artists so that their production value is on par with their skill level.

My overall impression

Watching a friend’s play is a balancing act because at the end of it they’re going to ask me if I liked it and I either have to a) lie and say I did b) compliment them on something else OR the ever rare c) actually get to tell them I liked it. Option “c” was the case with Jade Beauvoir’s show last night, “Transmission—A One Tran Show”. It was a rainbow of emotional truth pitted with a stellar performance and is relatable on the grounds of self discovery. It is in the artist’s capacity to bring a diverse audience together to both examine and experience the artist’s personal truth. Thank you Jade for so openly sharing yours, doing it with flair and skill.

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