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June 15, 2018 original article
tagged as: adult · cabaret · burlesque · rope · Beautiful · dance

What I liked

I have been thinking about this show for days. At times erotic and captivating, at times oddly distant and cold, the women in this dream-like series of scenes are challenging us as well as entertaining us. There is artistry, grace and beauty to this piece.

I would also like to say I enjoyed the excellent score for the show. It seamlessly moves from eerie underscore to pulsating dance rhythms, perfectly creating the mood.

What I didn't like

I saw the first preview performance, so a few transitions between scenes were clunky, I am sure that will be of no concern during the show’s run.

My overall impression

Beautiful, sexy, haunting, thought-provoking, funny… this show is completely unique and mesmerizing from start to finish.
From the opening moments of the show featuring someone playing with items that everyone associates with young girls – dolls – this show is determined to make you think. There are moments that make you question what we (as society or individuals) expect women to be, how we expect women to behave or what we expect femininity to look like.

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