A Vegas Kind of Love

ensemble theatre · hard look productions · United States of America

world premiere

Life can be a lonely journey without love, so we tell ourselves lies like, “She loves me”, and we believe them. A Vegas Kind of Love is a modern day noir crime drama about a mysterious beauty, and the men that love her. Leo and Frank can’t live without Her, even when the past that she’s been running from catches up to her, threatening everything they hold dear. Playwright Brendan Beseth draws you deep into the darkly humorous and thrillingly emotional lives of these characters, in a theatrical experience that blurs the lines between what is spoken and what is thought; what is past and what is present; what is true and what is a lie. “This really is a good, compelling play, and all five actors turn in excellent performances.” – Lyle Zimskind – laist http://laist.com/2017/06/10/fringe_festival_2017_2.php

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran