The Kansas Collection: Chapters One and Two

immersive theatre · the speakeasy society · Ages 14+ · United States of America

Kansas, you have a choice. The Mid-West is in the midst of the dust bowl. You are in need of food, money, and shelter. Opportunity is scarce, hope is nowhere to be seen, and the future looks bleak. You happen upon a curious group of strangers who have set up a colorful tent on the edge of town –All they ask is a moment of your time.. THE KANSAS COLLECTION is The Speakeasy Society’s immersive, episodic investigation of L Frank Baum’s OZ Series where the choices you make determine the path of your journey.

After Dorothy left, the Scarecrow took charge of the wonderful land of Oz, but now things have gone awry. Oz and it’s citizens are in distress. There is civil unrest, there is violence in the streets, and you are being recruited to serve in the Scarecrow’s Armed Militia- but there is deception around every corner and things aren’t quite what they seem.

The Speakeasy Society, named Best Emerging Immersive Theater Company of 2015 by LAWeekly, is an LA based immersive entertainment company creating intimate and epic experiences in unexpected places. We collaboratively create 360-degree worlds providing escape through total engagement—crafting a shared experience where audience interaction becomes a vital aspect of the performance.

Production Team

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