A Harmony Boys Christmas

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Review by ALEC JAMES

June 25, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

The opening number just kills, hilarious choreography. What If Mary Miscarried Jesus threatens to steal the show, it is so over the line and so absurd, I love it – reminds me of one of those gem moments from SCTV. The references to contemporary politics are well done. The supporting players are great, particularly the character of Ruth. The occasional breaking of the fourth wall and ad-libs work well. The actors are just plain likeable. The whole concept of the show is great and it’s a delight to see.

What I didn't like

I do feel like this show has greater potential that somehow is not yet realized. The parts of this current production that didn’t really gel for me were When Santa Comes to Shanty Town; the call in segments; a few anachronisms; and for some reason it always strikes me as out of character that Morty says “I’m just fucking with you” at the opening of the show.

My overall impression

Great show, so much fun! I love the subversive sense of humor. For all of the casual skewering, there’s also great singing & choreography. Well paced. Some phrases, altered lyrics and visuals will be burned into my brain forever, reprised every Christmas (and at inopportune moments in between). The Harmony Boys need to put out a Christmas album for sure!

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