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June 05, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Lyndsey Klein & Andrew St. Jude provide an amazing, if not unconventional, service. From the moment that I stepped into their consultation space and was greeted warmly by assistant Natalie, I knew that I was in good hands. We chatted at length before my appointment and she could not speak more highly of her employers and their successes in interpersonal and business relations. Although I was reticent to share my problems with strangers, it was easy to open up to the team and I left with concrete solutions and confidence that I didn’t know I possessed.

What I didn't like

Pay no mind to recent gossipy Yelp reviews. Lyndsey Klein & Andrew St. Jude are helpers in the world that Mister Rogers told us about. Trust in them.

My overall impression

Not only does Klein and St. Jude genuinely care about your crisis but they will personally ride knives out with you to the Gates of Hell to help you solve it.

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