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world premiere

DARK ARTS crackles with witty dialogue, sharp political satire, and a surprisingly effective love story…Meyers and Hyden are electric as the firm’s partners…The chemistry is undeniable between these two. It’s delicious, it’s sexy, and it’s a treat to watch.” — Buzzfeed

“Meyers deftly balances razor-sharp satire, personal drama, and the mystery in his impressive script. Yet his portrayal of Andrew – his first lead role – is even more noteworthy, as he delivers a multi-layered performance with passionate vigor. Hyden offers a strong counterpoint to Andrew, with a calm yet steely determination to save their client that hides a ruthless mind beneath her poised exterior.” — HollywoodInToto.com

“The back and forth and dare I say, chemistry, between the two leads (Lawrence Meyers and Stephanie Hyden) brought a smile to my face and really brought this show to life.” — My Haunt Life

“The show is at its best when it’s Meyers and Hyden… Both are very comfortable in their own skin as performers, and the time spent watching them on stage made me appreciate the time I had spent with them…"
– No Proscenium

“The writing was taut and fast. It reminded me of the dialogue that you would find in a Howard Hawkes movie of the 1940s. The supporting cast brilliantly rounded out the assorted characters…The plot was ingenious, but the snappy dialogue and the interesting characters is what makes this fringe play enjoyable” — NoHoArtsDistrict.com

“I just got out of DARK ARTS Prelude… and wow, that was all a whole lot more real and personalized than I expected. Is this a real crisis firm masquerading as immersive theater? WTF. Amazing.” — Morgan Doors

“Actors Lawrence Meyes (Andrew St. Jude) and Stephanie Hyden (Lyndsey Klein) played their roles perfectly and I found myself impressed with their talent.” — Nightmarish Conjurings
From the creator of the HFF16’s award-winning PORN ROCK:

HOUSE OF CARDS meets VEEP in this dark comedy about America’s hidden power structure, and the professional spin doctors locked in eternal war with it. Entrepreneur Marcia Bradford is in crisis: someone is smearing her in the media. The crisis PR firm of Lyndsey Klein & Andrew St. Jude must find out who the perpetrator is before Bradford is destroyed…or they destroy themselves.

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Production Team

damien gerard *

congressman max waters

stephanie hyden *

lyndsey klein

erika quintana *

sheryl harrison

toni perrotta *

honey rivlin

elizabeth dement *

marcia bradford

lawrence meyers *

andrew st. jude

terence leclere *

bill caterwaul

* Fringe Veteran