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The Physicists

ensemble theatre · last tape productions · Ages 12+ · United States of America

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June 13, 2017 my haunt life original article

What I liked

The humor and the story

What I didn't like

I wish there was more interaction with Newton and Einstein

My overall impression

Murder, an insane asylum, and patients believing they’re some of the greatest physicists ever…what could go wrong? Written by Friedrich Durrenmatt in 1961, this is the story of three patients in an insane asylum. The first patient we meet is Herbert Georg Beutler (played by Gera Hermann) who believes he is Sir Isaac Newton. The second is Ernst Heinrich Ernesti (played by Brendan Weinhold) who believes he is Albert Einstein. The third is Johann Wilhelm Mobius (played by Josh Mann) who has King Solomon appearing and speaking to him.

When a murder is committed by Einstein, Inspector Richard Voss (played by Phil Ward) comes to the asylum to investigate. He speaks to the woman in charge, Fraulein Doktor Mathilde Von Zahnd (played by Jacque Lynn Colton), who seems very motherly to the patients, but as we learn later, isn’t motherly at all and has her own agenda and plans. If you’ve never thought a woman on a motorized chair could be intimidating, you have not seen Colton scowl while riding towards you.

The acting in this show is superb and has many comedic moments. How could you not when you have people thinking they’re someone else? Also, there is a live music component which adds a really nice feel to this show. Anytime you have live music instead of prerecorded music, it definitely adds another element to the show.

This show has a few major plot twists and just when you think you know the full story…BAM….another twist and turn. This show will have you guessing until the very end and nothing is at it seems.

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