Mr. Marmalade

ensemble theatre · riverton playground theatre · Ages 15+ · United States of America

includes nudity
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June 25, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Everything overall. Such a talented cast and director!

What I didn't like

More shows! Extend ! Extend! Extend!

My overall impression

Such an amazing show! Now when I first saw that " Mr. Marmalade" would be included in this year’s fringe, I knew I had to see it! It is my favorite play and very near and dear to me because years ago, it was my first full length play I had ever directed! I was excited to come in and see it in a different interpretation and vision, it was different from the way I did it but that’s what I LOVED! It was like seeing the play for the first time and I loved every moment of this sick and twisted dark comedy!

The performers were phenomenal and so in tuned with the characters. An adult actor playing a child, playing a grown up is no easy thing, but they did it so perfectly! Great direction and staging, simple and effective. The connection between everyone was so fluid and pure. You develop such a love hate for some of the characters, and can even relate. The comedic timing was on point and you definitely felt a little disturbed at parts.

Overall I am so happy I stayed up last night to catch the midnight showing of Mr. Marmalade. If extended, I highly suggest seeing this bizzare and fun show!

Great job everyone

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