I'm Too Fat for This Show

kate huffman · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 19, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Kate is a phenomenal writer. An extremely talented actress. And an all around really cool person. Her keen writing and sense of humor helped us all approach a tough subject, as I imagine might just be one of her own coping mechanisms too. Brava.

What I didn't like

Writing something here because I have to. Go Kate, go!

My overall impression

Eating disorders, OCD, societal body standards. Let’s talk about it, huh? Well, not only did Kate Huffman talk about it, she bravely shared about her struggles with it, and had us thinking and LAUGHING about it. Her ability to weave her personal story with strong writing, clever staging techniques, technology, and multiple characters (have to see it to understand just how good this mechanism worked) created a fantastic performance piece. Ms Huffman has given us not only a piece of art, but a piece of herself…. one that allows us to be a bit more empathetic with those that might struggle with these issues.
I certainly commend her openness and ability to share. This is art in its truest form, a piece that shines a light on a part of ourselves or others that we might not fully understand, but having had the experience through the artists’ gift, we are illuminated, too. Thank you for that, Kate.

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