ripley improv · Ages 12+ · United States of America

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June 25, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Strong clear choices made at every turn that built the narrative, the characters and the world. The touches of musical improv, as well as the excellent work by the tech improvisers contributed to something that hands down beats some “fully scripted and rehearsed pieces” that I have seen. I can’t pick a favorite moment, from the show I saw, and it doesn’t matter anyway because every time they go up you get a different experience.

What I didn't like

The Opening Moment with the hunger games style tribute was fine for making the initial selections, but didn’t particularly add anything to my experience. I don’t have a better alternative though, and making the choices in genre was definitely stronger than simply asking for them casually and then starting the piece. So…this may not actually be a criticism at all….

My overall impression

Tight, coordinated and SMART. This team knows what they are doing and pours it on throughout hour (which goes by way to fast). This show reignited my faith and interest in long form improv (because let’s be honest there is a lot in this town that isn’t worth seeing).

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