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Nominated for BEST ENSEMBLE!

DYSTOPIA received an ENCORE Award and will be performing 7/13 and 7/14 at 9:30pm at the Ruby Theatre at the Complex.

Ripley. Kickass women actors improvising artful, long-form narrative. In their current show, DYSTOPIA, Ripley Improv tells the tales of young women coming of age against a dystopian backdrop. Like the heroines of The Hunger Games and Divergent, the women of Ripley’s “DYSTOPIA” rise up and fight the oppressive powers that rule their lives. Ripley improvises one hour original plays based on your suggestions. No script, no planning, no net.

Check out our AUDIENCE REVIEWS on Better Lemons! DYSTOPIA is 100% Sweet!

“Ripley is such a current, relevant show. Inspiring women, putting on an inspiring show, with no plan except to give the audience a good time. I highly recommend it!!”

“These kick-ass ladies joyfully use their ‘hive mind’ powers to weave smart, funny, and sometimes poignant tales.”

“Ripley is fun and playful. Each show is as incredibly delightful as the last; yet each leaves you with an interesting message. Highly recommended!”

“These stories never seem to lack a penchant — not for the ‘dramatic’ — but for the meaningful. And when you feel your muscles tie that knot inside your throat, and when notice your brain screaming at your eyes not to let those tears fall because your date might see you, Ripley never fails to alleviate the pain with a reminder that we are all watching an improv show, and we all can laugh at the silly.”

Cast: Madi Goff, Laurie Jones, Kelly Lohman, Sara Mountjoy-Pepka, Aliza Pearl, Amanda Troop, Jessica Lynn Verdi

Technical Director: Emily Rose Jacobson

Director: Amanda Troop

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Production Team

kelly lohman *

producer / ensemble

amanda troop *

director / ensemble

emily jacobson *

technical director

jessica lynn verdi *

producer / ensemble

* Fringe Veteran