Magic 8 Ball (My Life with Asperger's)

solo performance · crystal penny productions · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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Review by TJ O'BRIEN

June 22, 2017 certified reviewer
tagged as: educational · Brave · humorous · insightful

What I liked


What I didn't like

This has nothing to do with the show itself (which as I said, was excellent), but while it may have been an off night, the box office for it was poorly organized. At every other Fringe show I’ve been to, when you buy your tickets in advance, you are on a printed will call list at the box office. Here, they had no such list and expected me to show them the confirmation email. I had already shut my phone off in preparation of the show, but thankfully a nearby volunteer knew me and vouched for me. While it is true we do live in the age of smartphones, there are many reasons why someone might not have that information—they may not have a smartphone, may have left their phone behind, or may have deleted the email. I would hate to see someone who had already bought a ticket denied entry to this excellent offering because the box office staff planned poorly and were not in sync with the box office practices of the rest of the Fest!

My overall impression

I found this show to be very informative and affecting. George is very open and candid about his life and extremely brave to reveal the level of personal feelings and experiences he does—and there is a good balance between comedic and serious moments. While I do not have Asperger’s myself, as someone with a background involving a lot of social awkwardness, bullying, and other trauma, there were still a lot of things I could personally relate to a good deal. I highly recommend it!

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