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My Janis

arianna veronesi · Ages 16+ · world premiere · one person show · United States of America

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MY JANIS written and performed by Arianna Veronesi

June 17, 2017



Starring: Arianna Veronesi

My Janis is a window into Janis Joplin’s private world as she

struggles to find her identity in the summer of 1966. Joplin has just

spent a reclusive year at her parent’s house in Texas after nearly

dying from speed and alcohol addictions in San Francisco. At 23,

she works hard to fit in and get rid of her destructive habits; she

goes back to college, gets a part time job, goes to psychotherapy

and waits for her boyfriend to come and marry her… He never

shows up. But she keeps singing. She keeps having very controlled

fun. She keeps her sobriety. While on a vacation with her friends in

Austin she waits for a call from her old friend, Chet Helms who is

now a big manager in San Francisco. Things are changing fast with

the music revolution and the hippie movement and he wants her to

sing for one of his groups “Big Brother and The Holding Co”. Janis

doesn’t know what to do. She is scar