SNATCHED...Stories From Down There

solo performance · loree gold · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show

SNATCHED…Stories From Down There” is a truly unique one-woman multimedia musical show that combines live performance, video projections, original songs/music, and interactive storytelling.

The theme is what can happen “when your pussy falls in love…and takes you along for the ride.” (Substitute your genitalia of choice)
Over the top personal stories that ring universal for all genders, queer, bi, straight, trans etc. Stories that are outrageously vulnerable, sexy, tender, hysterical & raunchy. Stories that are true…enough.

A time travelogue woven with herstory and LGBT history.
The heart and core of SNATCHED is the human experience of searching for connection, and how we disconnect from ourselves and others to survive.

It’s an outrageous, sexually-charged, funny and sometimes devastating ride through the landscape of lust, ageism, transgenderism, lust, love, loss, grief, grace, lust, learning, letting go and more lust and more letting go…

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Production Team

* Fringe Veteran