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TONY FRANKEL stage and cinema/bitter lemons certified reviewer July 19, 2011
Tony Frankel, theatre critic for Stage and Cinema here. Here is a link to my updated review of GROUP. full review
TONY FRANKEL stage and cinema/bitter lemons certified reviewer June 24, 2011
Tony Frankel, theatre critic for Stage and Cinema here. Here's what I don't understand: A musical premieres in Los Angeles, the reviews are encouraging BUT loaded with caveats. Instead of tweaking the new musical, the creators settle with what they've got, blatantly disregarding the advice of the critics, and present the same troubled work about a troubled college professor who encourages his 6 troubled clients to sing their confessions, aided by a three-piece band that was hired by the professor. Miraculously, the patients and musicians come up with songs on the spot. Here are snippets of the reviews: "Admittedly, each of the seven characters is someone whose story we’ve seen before, whether on stage or on the big screen or on a day-o... full review
ELLEN DOSTAL musicals in la is my blog, i also do interviews/feature articles for certified reviewer June 24, 2011
The last time I saw GROUP was during a press preview in December prior to its January 2011 run at the Powerhouse Theatre. Since then, it’s clear that a great deal of thoughtful consideration has gone into its continued development. The writers have clarified the convention of “musical” group therapy in a way that is much more believable. Act I has found its rhythm with improved pacing, the relationships between the characters are stronger, and the actors have relaxed into their roles. Two performances in particular standout, Isaac Wade as Dr. Allen and Trevor Algatt as Phillip, however the work of the entire ensemble has become much more nuanced and natural. Vocals are occasionally out of tune when several of the actors push the notes ... full review

Wigfield - The Play

Wigfield – the can-do town that just may not!


HOLLYWOODN'T is Lisa Verlo's solo show and personal journey across Hollywood's unsettling sexual landscape. Directed by and developed with Jessica Lynn Johnson, it is a musical memoir recounting Lisa’s experiences on the casting couches of LA.