Infantryman In The Wardrobe

ensemble theatre · showorks entertainment · Ages 16+ · South Africa

“Infantryman In The Wardrobe” was originally written by Keith Galloway, and performed in South Africa. The piece takes us on a journey from WW1 to present day, through the musings, songs, poetry and prose of the soldiers in the trenches and the women left behind. A beautifully poignant look at the futility of war, this original piece of theater highlights love, loss & human nature through equal parts humor and powerful sorrow.

No period in world history has been free from the devastating effects of war, and poets and have long dreamt of a millennium in which we will be at peace. Yet,

“I read one more report today.
Another flag half-mast and gun
salute, coffin draped, bearers done.

“All shall yield
in time, to time, both old and young -
except upon the Battlefield
where he remains just twenty one.”
-Robert Kiely

Production Team

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