Buffy Kills Edward: A Musical Romp

musicals and operas · wiley original musicals · Ages 21+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by MARK HEIN

June 19, 2017 theatre ghost, and better lemons original article
tagged as: Lively · funny · fan-tickling

What I liked

Wiley has a gift for songs that focus and advance the story, and makes very effective musical use of differing characters and motives. She also has a keen wit, and an eye for a story’s weak points — her own as well as other authors’. We may be watching the birth of a one-woman Gilbert & Sullivan here.
“Buffy” boasts a remarkably skilled band — Krishnan Swaminathan, Ray Rojo, and leader Sandy Chao Wang — and the feisty acting and incredible singing of Kim Dalton. (After seeing Dalton, and a Wang-led band, in two shows, I’m hooked. These are stellar talents; enjoy them as soon as you can.)

What I didn't like

Not much.

My overall impression

“Buffy Kills Edward” is great fan service, and good fun for everyone. Author-composer-director Wiley and the troupe sustain a lively, silly romp that’s both tribute and satire at once.

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