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So You Want to be a Vampire

ensemble theatre · offending shadows theatre company · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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MICHAEL FONTAINE my haunt life certified reviewer June 06, 2017
tagged as: vampire · goth · BLOOD · splatter zone
This brought me back to the days when vampires, and dressing like vampires, were cool (no really, there was a time like that!). This production really worked with me because I’ve seen those people. I’ve seen the “Vampire groupies” and I’ve seen the “Vampires” due to working at a certain store in the mall while growing up as well as going to the same clubs as them. As soon as I walked in, I heard Joy Division, Siouxsie, Bauhaus, etc. The soundtrack is perfect for this show. I was having such fun watching this. Seeing Brenda (played by Carrie Bell-Hoerth) want something so badly that she’s willing to give everything up, including her family and best friend, was funny, but also heartbreaking. Watching those scenes and hearing that dialog made m... full review
TAYLOR WINTERS certified reviewer June 26, 2017
tagged as: fun · splatter zone · talented actors · funny · humor · comic · BLOOD
So You Want to be a Vampire is a comic delight. Despite dark themes, the show is light and the laughs never stop. Reminiscent of some of my favorite 80’s horror comedies, this show is just plain fun and I can’t recommend it enough. It would make a refreshing nightcap to anyone’s evening of Fringe shows. Read the full review below! ... full review