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Reasons To Be Pretty

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June 20, 2017 the nerds of color
tagged as: Rushed · hostile · energetic · frenetic

What I liked

Sam Swaynos absolutely lights up the stage as Kent as he infuses the character with so much charm, even if the character is a douchebag. Veronica Roy also does an excellent job as Carly and captures the toughness of the character as well as the fleeting moment of sensitivity at the end. The climactic fight scene between the two male leads was also well done.

What I didn't like

Slow. Doooooown. The production went at such a blistering pace and while I understand it’s Fringe and thus taking some moments would not work, the production suffers greatly because of it. The other huge problem is that Roger Wan and Kimber Pritts, while talented, play their characters to such an extremely unlikable extent that when it’s just those two, the play falters not in energy but in the audience actually caring about them. They thus fall into the trap that Neil LaBute characters must be played with all hostility but with no heart.

My overall impression

It has all the energy, but unfortunately it is an overly rushed, overly hostile production that falls into the traps that so many productions of Neil LaBute fall into.

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