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world premiere
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June 09, 2017 certified reviewer

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Theatrical Brainfood with depth, breadth and commitment! A 4th-century political thriller, Nicaea is a bold & plentiful offering, refreshing for the Fringe in the way that it takes you deeply into the world of serious drama whilst maintaining a lightness of touch. The ensemble works well together and the play keeps a good pace. Nicaea has hints of Greek drama and Socratic dialogues, whilst keeping the action moving.

Tricia Aurand’s writing takes you deep into the arguments around the nature of God, as discussed by the early Church fathers, as she questions the Hebrew names of the Divine, “Adonai & Elohim are plural, El is singular…[why?]” – in doing so she frames the conversation of the play in the context caused rifts in the early Church, and she gets the audience thinking. The philosophical discussion is juxtaposed with interpersonal family drama, rape & incest, as early religious contractions are revealed and just desserts are served.

Notable performances from Mikie Beatty, Brendan Haley, Anna Chazelle, Morris Schorr, Dontrail Brinson, Anthony Backman, Azeen Khanmalek & Kelton Lin.

Wishing every success to Nicaea!

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