Easy Targets

comedy · the burglars of hamm · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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TRACEY PALEO, GIA ON THE MOVE (OFFICIAL PRESS) gia on the move and footlights certified reviewer June 04, 2017
tagged as: comedy · satire
The most fun you will have at Fringe this year! ... full review
ZACHARY BERNSTEIN fringe review: www.fringereview.com certified reviewer June 11, 2017
FringeReview: http://fringereview.co.uk/review/hollywoodfringe/2017/easy-targets/... full review
MONIQUE LEBLEU 99% magazine/freelance certified reviewer June 21, 2017
Tired of all the political rhetoric emanating from your TV screen and radio? How about all that stupid spewing from someone's mouth and feeling powerless because you just can't do anything physical—or even verbal—to make it ALL just stop?! Want to get that pent up aggression out of your system due to said stupidity and rhetoric? Well "Easy Targets" at Sacred Fools is here for you.... full review
TAYLOR WINTERS haunting.net certified reviewer June 26, 2017
tagged as: fun · interactive · immersive
Ultimately, Easy Targets is more immersive than some of the shows billing themselves as immersive this year. Putting socks in the hands of the audience adds a layer of humor that works in perfect contrast to the shocking words on stage. The talent of the actors, writers, and directors provides a focal point for our hatred and accomplishes what any good theater aims for: to make the audience feel. And boy do we feel; we feel with every single throw. And we buy more socks during the break to feel some more. When that one perfect throw smacks the actor right across the face, catharsis is achieved and we leave the show feeling both accomplished and a little lighter. See review for full article. ... full review