Easy Targets

comedy · the burglars of hamm · Ages 13+ · United States of America

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June 21, 2017 99% magazine/freelance original article

What I liked

A handy and incredibly entertaining solution has arrived in the form of two sets of four solo shows of Easy Targets: “America First” and “Women’s March” where actors say (and do) things that will make your hair stand on end until you realize you have been empowered with…socks!

Yes. Clean, balled up, cotton or woolen socks, which—when hurled toward the best of the most offensive and foul—renders a highly pleasant feeling of accomplishment and affirmation. At least temporarily.

Eight very brave actors set themselves up for just such punishment in this immersive collective theatre piece. Their goal: to get you to try to hit them with said sock balls—provided by members of the Burglars of Hamm production team for a small fee, both before and during the show, should you run out—giving you a cathartic mini mental vacay from all that bull pucky.

“America First” with four male solo acts featuring Hugo Armstrong, Albert Dayan, Scott Golden and Jon Beauregard, and “Women’s March” with four female solos act featuring Carolyn Almos, Rebecca Larsen, Tracey A. Leigh, and Tegan Cohen represent a character or two—or four…or maybe even the eight—where racist, sexist, misogynistic or other variations of prime verbal horse dung get flung. Imagine that amplified by 11 and you may get the full scope of what you may hear and see. (Full disclosure: this writer was only able to see the male version.)

As VERY easy targets, these talented actors are eager to see what your pitching arm can deliver. Come at ’em!

And warm up that arm. You’re going to need it.

What I didn't like

My arm is still sore. (It’s not.)

My overall impression

Tired of all the political rhetoric emanating from your TV screen and radio? How about all that stupid spewing from someone’s mouth and feeling powerless because you just can’t do anything physical—or even verbal—to make it ALL just stop?! Want to get that pent up aggression out of your system due to said stupidity and rhetoric? Well “Easy Targets” at Sacred Fools is here for you.

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