Narsociety - The Social Media Shaming Musical

musicals and operas · chris valenti entertainment · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 04, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

The subject matter, along with the ‘pull no punches’ humor makes this work particularly relevant in our time.
For a play (no, a musical, which we will get to) about social media and how it dominates the facets of modern life, it is as outspoken, abrasive, and ridiculous (insert ‘cat breading’ meme here) as one might hope for.

Did I mention this was a musical? It is- and a good one. The score is exceptionally good, well written, and catchy. A talented cast of very capable singing actors shows of the good writing in the musical numbers, and comes at them with the energy to keep your toes tapping long after you have left the theatre.

What I didn't like

The main points of complication are technical. This is a big idea in a pretty sparse space. There are serious kinks to work out regarding sound- no doubt that this will improve through the run, but considering the quality of song writing, it would be a gift to really get to hear it all.

The ending left me a little thrown. It is either brilliant, or down right offensive. Given the overall arch, it is hard to tell. 24 hours later I am still pondering it.

That alone should be enough to get one through the door and into a seat.

My overall impression

Overall, while rough around the edges (I don’t know the Fringe well enough to draw comparison) the idea is a good one, and with continued development this could really be quite a musical. The song writing is excellent.

Fun, fast paced, funny, and entertaining. Great writing and a talented and energetic cast that helps it all work.

Worth your time.

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