The ABCs

comedy · mooki entertainment · Ages 14+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 16, 2017 certified reviewer

What I liked

Strong ensemble of women. Actors took to their tasks well, not only offering moments of humor, but moments of reality, and strength. The production was concise, not rushed, and got a lot of story in in one hour. Very impressed by this work.

What I didn't like

The portrayal of instagram and it’s influence on young women (but really, all of us) is uncomfortably real! But again, in a good & reflective way.

My overall impression

Timely, thoughtful, & tough to watch… in a good way. The ABCs offers a view into the world as young women are faced with technology and what the price of perfection truly costs. You can tell they really did their homework to reflect in an honest, yet entertaining way, what being a teenager is like today.
Even though I went to high school at time where instagram wasn’t even a glint in Kim Kardashian’s eye… peer pressure and pop culture suggested often that I wasn’t pretty enough to be accepted or loved… and as adults, I think these are all themes we can still relate to.
Congrats to this cast and production team for creating a thought-provoking AND enjoyable piece of theatre. Creative theatre that has a good message? Yes, please!

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