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Fallen Stars at the Charity Sale

immersive theatre · some company · Ages 16+ · world premiere · Norway

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June 16, 2017 original article
tagged as: improv · drama · comedy · experiemental

What I liked

This is an innovative premise which managed to offer some surprising, touching moments along the way.

What I didn't like

The structure of the show makes it hard for any character to have a resolution to their emotional journey. You sometimes want to hear a final thought from a character… but the structure does not allow for that.

My overall impression

Definitely one of the most innovative premises at this year’s Fringe, this “interactive play” is a combination of scripted monologues, improvisation and audience participation. The premise, I feel, is both a strength and a weakness. The audience witnesses a charity sale of donated items. At times, actors present the history of the objects – which audience members can actually purchase. However, if an item is purchased, the attached actor leaves the stage. This causes an odd emotional hiccup – the audience is denied the emotional satisfaction of knowing the emotional reaction an object might feel to being bought. At times it seemed audience members were a bit shy to jump in and “play” but that soon changes as the concept becomes clear. Credit must be given to director Aaron Vaneck for trying a truly innovative format, even if the results are mixed. (This is an adaptation of a LARP – Live Action Role Playing experience. Part of the fun here is that obvious influence on the piece.) This is one of those Fringe experiments you might want to check out if you are on the lookout for some innovative, unique story-telling.

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