Expansion Through Voice

events & workshops · de rico voice · Ages 20+ · United States of America

The voice is our most intimate instrument and a vehicle for opening up to our inner landscape and imagination. This workshop explores the concepts of the embodiment of the voice utilizing conscious breath, movement, relaxation, toning, singing, and action in motion. This is a unique opportunity for vocal play and discovery and to expand your confidence on stage and screen. We will work with movement and vocalizing individually and as a group. Come join us and allow yourself to investigate the potential of your voice and to play.

*Create a solid foundation and base in the body for breathing
*Work with movement, rhythm and flow to open up the voice
*Explore the body’s different resonating chambers
*Discover the body as a resonating, sounding instrument
*Develop your sense for spatial awareness and physical presence
*Find the connection between your alignment, breath and voice
*Learn how to anchor and ground yourself
*Create confidence on stage
*Raise your voice and stand in your power

Bring a big bath towel for floor exercises.
Loose fitting clothes. No jeans or belts.
Cecilia De Rico is the creator and artistic director of De Rico Voice founded in 2005 in Silver Lake, CA. She worked professionally as an actress, educator, creator of projects and plays, for 20 years in Sweden before transferring to Los Angeles in 1999. Cecilia has performed in different projects in Hollywood. The Réjane Project, at Art Works Theatre, the Open Fist Theatre.

Cecilias main inspiration for embodiment of voice is the opera singer and voice coach Mirka Yemendzaki, Athens, Greece. Other influences in physical theatre and voice training are Ariane Mnouchkine, Theatre Du Soleil, Paris. Anna Zubrzycki, Piesna Kosla, Wroclaw, Poland. The Breathing Performer, Christopher Sivertsen, The Awake Project, London. Teatr Zar, The Grotowski Institute, Poland. Main influence on physical alignment, posture and how we perceive the body in space, Mary Bond, Advanced Rolfer and instructor on Rolf Movement, L.A. CA. Cecilia is a graduate from the National Academy of Dramatic Arts, Stockholm, Sweden.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran