The Creeps

solo performance · catherine waller is a creep · Ages 15+ · New Zealand

one person show
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June 11, 2016 original article

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Like the discarded needle I saw laying on the streets of Hollywood, The Creeps made me a sad and scared for our society, disgusted and angered at what people endure, and a little confused, yet wanting to know more. This would be a #SeeItLA, if the run didn’t already end. It is travelling to other cities, so I’m going to call it a See It NY and See It Edinburgh.

The Creeps hovers in the area of a solo show and “I can’t believe this is the same person” show. Catherine Waller doesn’t simply act as characters, but physically and mentally transforms in front of your eyes. Whether she is the grotesque tour guide/abductor or a maimed child, it is fascinating to see the different people she brings on stage. But, as it is scribbled in my notes: the true magic is when she responds to the audience. You will be told twice that you can talk – do it. Waller is quick on her feet and won’t miss a beat. Depending on what creep you are talking to you might feel like someone is peering into your soul, one of the creepiest feelings to experience.

This piece was fascinating and if it were playing more (and I had enough time), I would see it again. It is described as a clown show, which I understand with the physicality and dark humor in the show; but I saw this to be more of a bouffon piece. For those of you who don’t know, one description of a bouffon piece is after the audience sees it they’d go home and kill themselves.* That didn’t happen, literally, but I left The Creeps wanting to change the world to be a better place help people before they get trapped into becoming like one of the creeps I saw. It made me want to break the “protective” walls I build up around myself while going through LA and speak up when I see something wrong. I left wanting to “kill” the part of me that could potentially let the bystander effect happen.

This was Waller’s second time at the Hollywood Fringe, if she brings it back for a third time make sure to #SeeItLA.

*I do not take suicide lightly, but this is an actual explanation of bouffon. If you need any help the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 800-273-8255.

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