Rollerblading In Gaza

theatre · the g.r.o.u.p. nyc · Ages 16+ · United States

one person show


Singing! Dancing! Shooting! Rollerblading in Gaza thrusts you into the world of the irrepressible Maude Klochendler, an actress who has traveled the world and worn many uniforms, costumes, and masks. She’s been a soldier in the Israeli army, a budding New York City Actress, French, Israeli, a singer, a dancer, a lover, and now she is ready to share her story in this unique and fun one woman show. Through the play, Maude recounts her time in the turbulent Israeli-Palestinian conflict through to her time on the equally unpredictable New York City social scene, and finds that she is strong, funny, and fantastic. Maude is a mischief maker, one who undercuts authority with her outrageous stunts like rollerblading along the Gaza base’s fence line in full view of the enemy, or using the base’s PA system to serenade her fellow troops. She is a prankster who brings joy into her friends lives, and who uses humor to get through the sting of professional setbacks, and personal heartache.

In Rollerblading in Gaza, Maude brings her stories to life as images from her past are projected on a screen as silhouettes behind her where she interacts with shadows of her past. It is a one woman show with a cast of a half dozen.

Production Team

* Fringe Veteran