ensemble theatre · macha theatre/films · Ages 18+ · United States of America

includes nudity

In 1961 two teenagers are torn apart by the Bay of Pigs invasion into Cuba only to be reunited again after twenty years of separation. A forbidden Lesbian love story set in the political upheaval of Castro’s Cuba where improper conduct is a crime punished with imprisonment or with your own life.
“Nanin’s play is a searing examination of Castro’s failed socialist experiment and a torrid love story about two young Cuban girls split apart by the times. As a charged political drama, “Honey” has a lot to recommend!" LA TIMES
“This Lesbian love story seethes with the passion, eroticism and stirring political context that have been the hallmarks of Nanin’s best works.” INMagazine
“Nanin has created a complex and thought-provoking drama about power, assimilation and personal freedom that is capable of speaking to a broad audience.” AFTER ELLEN
Starring: Odalys Nanin, Julia Vari, Katarina Radivojevic, Omnia Bixler, Alexandra Evankovich, Andres Mejia Vallejo, Bayardo de Murguia, Eddy G. Munoz, Joseph Arzuaga and Dennis Delsing.

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