The Designated Mourner by Wallace Shawn

ensemble theatre · into the blue · Ages 14+ · United States of America

The trio from Theatre of NOTE who brought you Wallace Shawn’s THE FEVER in 2013 are back with another acclaimed Wallace Shawn play, THE DESIGNATED MOURNER. Imagine a Western Nation growing more and more dangerous as the government sacrifices freedom for control. The fate of this small group of intellectuals unfolds in a story of heart and humor matched with equal parts horror. – There will be no show this coming Saturday on the 25th so the last chance to see it is on Friday the 24th @ 9:30pm

Acclaim for THE DESIGNATED MOURNER Hollywood Fringe 2016:

“The play pits a bloodthirsty government regime against a band of subversive intellectuals and writers. The proceedings feel pertinent in the Trump era.”

“Jack (an entirely engaging Brad Light) is married to Judy (Rebecca Light, in an intensely thoughtful turn), but the latter is a daddy’s girl. Judy’s father, Howard (Christopher Neiman), a poet and political essayist, prides himself on his highbrow intellectual tendencies and commands a crowd of artistic hangers-on who worship his words but live in fear of the bullets flying their way. Judy, gaga for dad’s brilliant brain, can’t quite commit to Jack, who longs for lofty intellectual leanings but binge-watches TV and plays with his dick as the revolution rages.”

“Brad C. Light gives the standout performance. His grappling and guilt-ridden Jack swings between confident charm and unraveled neurosis. When his Jack looks the audience in the eye to confess a guilty pleasure or secret insecurity, it’s hard to look away.”

- Stage Raw, Hollywood Fringe Festival 2016

Brad C. light, Rebecca Light, and Christopher Neiman are ensemble members at Theatre of NOTE and have been seen in numerous productions throughout Los Angeles. Brad had the privilege of performing THE FEVER in Chicago for Dolphinback Theatre, and again at the 2013 Hollywood Fringe, after discovering the piece at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Some reviews from productions of THE FEVER by Wallace Shawn, performed by Brad C. Light:

“Light brings it to life at the Fringe. Brad does an excellent job spilling the words out as if they are coming from his gut. I hung onto every word waiting with enthusiasm for the next sentence. I highly recommend this interesting and well-produced production.”
- The Los Angeles Post, Rose Cesena

“…he dives deep, performing Shawn’s monologue with such intensity that it’s impossible to take your eyes off him. I’ve seen other productions but Light captures the anguish, digest, guilt, and sputtering rage behind Shawn’s words. And the effect is riveting.”

“Highly Recommended”
- The Chicago Reader, Jack Helbig

“…Light in another tour-de-force performance. His central lament reveals how quickly our compassionate instincts fade once a traumatic moment has passed.”

- Chicago Sun Times, Lucia Mauro

Production Team

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