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family friendly one person show
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Review by anonymous

June 05, 2016
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tagged as: funny · human · passionate · creative · physical · deep

What I liked

Mike Ostroski is a very talented, physical, passionate actor with many funny and lovable characters in him. I really loved the overall concept, and the amount of work and love clearly poured into the piece. The ingenuity with which a “garden” is created onstage is brilliant, and the audience involvement helped keep everyone focused, as the play is purposely chaotic in its writing cadence. This play is profoundly human and emotional – gets down to the nitty-gritty of the process of creation.

What I didn't like

There were few times when I may have missed one thing or another because of the chaos infused into the piece. The images of the dinosaurs, the meteor, and the businessman I had to stretch to really understand how they all fit into it. So if anything I would just see if I could tighten that up just a smidge from a writing standpoint – but Mike’s performance itself is very clear and understandable.

My overall impression

Great work! Would definitely see this again. :)

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