Artichoke Hearts

solo performance · sarah mitchell · Ages 16+ · United States of America

one person show
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June 11, 2016 certified reviewer
tagged as: personal journey · Love · characters

What I liked

I liked the many characters the author/actress was able to portray and how each one was a different personification of the question at hand “what is love”. That everyone experiences are different, and yet, the same. That heartbreak seems to be the standard of measurement for such an abstract quality as “love”.

What I didn't like

The character I had a hard time connecting with was the actual author/actress. I never full grasped why asking the question “what is love” became an obsession for three years. I personally didn’t need her to link the characters—in fact, when she introduced the prerecorded voice over of herself answering the questions, I thought we were finally going to hear her real answers, but they were almost evasions and not as insightful or personal as the people she just portrayed.
I was not a fan of the actual artichoke being introduced at the end with avant grade movement and primal scream. This random addition of performance art seemed tacked onto a truly interesting one woman show.

My overall impression

The author/actress truly has a nice hand on portraying different characters of different ages/genders without resorting to caricature.

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