Here There Be Dragons

solo performance · rogue elephant · Ages 18+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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June 14, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

Any creative knows the epic struggle to bring the things inside them out into the light of the world. In Here There Be Dragons, Drew Vandiver takes us through his paralyzing self-doubt and the crazy string of events that were necessary to bring him back to the creative life he was put on this earth to lead.

His Southern charm and self-deprecating wit make this dark journey through alcoholism, death, and loss one we can laugh along with. And I’m not going to lie, the addition of an adorable dog makes the growing pains much easier. His candor and humor allow us to see through his eyes, but at the same time, see ourselves and our own struggles in a much clearer light.

So many times one man/woman shows can drag you through personal history that’s less-than-entertaining or suffers from a navel-gazing view that has no universality for the viewer. This show suffers none of that. The hour flew by and I wanted more. I laughed with Drew, I laughed at him (and at the same time realized I’ve totally been in those shoes and was glad it wasn’t me this time). My heart ached for him. And in the end, I got to be uplifted by his perseverance and his emerging from these battles victorious. It’s not often you leave a theater feeling like you are ready to take on your own demons and win, but this show delivered that and more.

This show should be required viewing for any creative and for anyone who is facing mighty dragons of their own. It’s deadly serious and riotously funny. A must see!

What I didn't like

I wanted it to be longer. I would sit through two hours of this show.

My overall impression

I’m going to be looking forward to more from this writer. This was an incredibly funny and touching show. It felt like the best advice you’d get from your crazy, ex-alcoholic grandfather who is also buddha. Will be waiting impatiently for what comes next.

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