Suicide Live

comedy · rick and pat creese · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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Review by anonymous

June 14, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

There is a wonderful script here longing for a full production in a larger space. I thoroughly enjoyed the literary nature of the piece, the questions it asks of us, and some wonderful moments, particularly those offered up by David Fruechting and Christian Liatos. I also feel the other actors will bring much to their roles as time goes on.

What I didn't like

A tough production to do at the Fringe, where, when a character exits out front, the audience hears the cacophony of Santa Monica Blvd. The entrances and exits are very distracting in this setting, which can’t accommodate so complex a show. Is there a reason the back door isn’t used? There may be, so pardon my criticism if not. However, we really don’t need to hear the vacuum cleaner! My sense was that the actors were directed to keep things moving more than was needed. While I imagine pacing is an even bigger concern in a factory-feel event like the Fringe, in this case, there are some killer moments, particularly between father and son, that I’d like to have seen unfold more slowly. As with Evelyne Tollman’s Kat displaying her unlikely crush on Willis. That felt to me like a capable actress being held back by a worried director, and it robbed her, and the audience, of what could have been a really fun reveal.

My overall impression

A fascinating piece that deserves a longer run under more confident direction.

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