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June 26, 2016
tagged as: witty · pleasant · and charming

What I liked

It’s difficult to do a musical under any circumstances, but this was done well under the direction of Steven Fife, who also played King Darling. The cast appeared to be having a good time, which transmitted to the audience. I particularly liked the interplay between the Princes (Erik Dugan and Leroy Mobley), and between Morgana and Lisa (Julia Buis and Tracy Ann Chapel), The costumes were funny and fun though sometimes puzzling (a British Bobbie wearing the red shell jacket of a Victorian-era army engineer?)

What I didn't like

The production space was a concrete-floored box with terrible acoustics, the keyboard accompaniment often drowned out the lyrics, the seating kept some of the back row from seeing around people in front, and the show could stand cutting by about 20 minutes. There needs to be more variation in the musical numbers.

My overall impression

With a proper set and generally tuning the production, I would not be surprised to see this on Broadway.

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