Love the Body Positive

comedy · american association for nude recreation-western region · Ages 18+ · includes nudity · United States of America

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June 19, 2016 certified reviewer
tagged as: comfortable · low-stress · Social · nudist

What I liked

Overall, I left with a good impression, but it took a while to get there. The event started with a warm-up comic, then a short play about body image, and ending with a short music and dance tribute, all followed by a much longer discussion. The discussion turned out to be the best part, while the comic was funny and the play had a rough start towards a good discussion about personal body image (the actors personalized the script).

Most people came in with their own personal fears or expectations. My fear was that most attending would be my age (old) and already nudist, but 1/3 were new to social nudism and ages were balanced with many younger people (as well as race, ethnic representation). Most discussion came from newbies, while experienced nudists also contributed freely for a nice mix of views and ideas.

The Fringe event was advertised for 1 hour, but there were people still there socializing when I left 2 hours later! Tasty healthy nibbles were available before and after (from Trader Joes), and basically free because we had no pockets for cash! (left in the side dressing room) Casual social mixing continued afterwards (no other Fringe event followed), which was also great for networking, with even a nude yoga instructor there. People enjoyed staying and talking with cast and audience, with no hurry to leave.

But the best part was that we could do all this while Naked!

What I didn't like

The formal play portion of the event was too short at only about 20 minutes.

My overall impression

Comfortable, low-stress and socially mixing this is a great first step for nudist theatre at the Fringe. Nude is natural and it belongs at the Fringe for everyone. I look forward to more nude theatre returning next year, hopefully with a more developed play. And it is all enjoyed best while Naked!

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