MetaFam: a solo show by Deana Barone

solo performance · the telltale company · Ages 16+ · United States of America

family friendly one person show
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June 05, 2016
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tagged as: funny as hell · touching · family

What I liked

When you’re planning what to see at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival, make sure not to miss Deana Barone’s “MetaFam” at the Flight Theatre (in the Complex). Barone’s “solo concoction” is a one-person show that is, by turns, hilarious, poignant and unflinchingly honest. The script is a comic gem filled with insights and vulnerability which completely involves the audience (and I do mean completely) in the memories of her eclectic family. By itself, it would be reason enough to recommend the show. But then there’s the performance. In scene after scene, Barone demonstrates an astounding chameleon-like ability to transform herself instantly and seamlessly between multiple characters, even in the midst of rapid-fire dialogue. She has a prodigious talent for snapping between the physical presences of each character at the drop of the proverbial hat. But even more impressive is her ability to instantaneously inhabit each character’s emotional life as she ping-pongs between them. And, on top of all the writing and acting virtuosity, “MetaFam” is simply fun. Barone is a playful actor who dances between scene changes, conducts singalongs of Israeli army marching songs and passes out oranges to the audience. Tremendously entertaining and affecting.

What I didn't like

Nothing, I was pretty blown away

My overall impression

One of the best one-person shows I’ve seen

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