The amazing fart

solo performance · masil · Ages 6+ · family friendly · one person show · Korea (Republic of)

The greatest fart EVER!
Children have become unimaginative in the world of fancy toys and spectacles. This is the monodrama and the performer transforms into various characters only with simple props and movements. The children will experience that they could picture anything in their mind’s eye through the lively communication meeting the theatrical imagination. They will play a key role in the play. They could be a leading creator making the sound which has not existed in the world, being a problem solver of the fart incident.

What if there’s a planet that we have to hold in our fart and we go there? The farting lady, BbongSoon, who has to fart at least twice in a week get married into the family in the Golden Country where the fart is forbidden. To adapt herself to new circumstances, she holds her fart desperately. She, however, finds her stomach getting flatulent and can’t stand the pain anymore. She starts to search for the way to fart secretly and…

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