War Stories

ensemble theatre · extra dry martini productions · Ages 16+ · United States of America

world premiere
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June 13, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

Honest emotion and a search for truth. Two amazing lead actresses. Well done minimal set and lights.

What I didn't like

Male characters.

My overall impression

War Stories is a great show because of it’s two biggest weapons… and they’re both named Sarah.
Schreiber and Kelly are alive and open on stage and I could feel their characters just by watching. Kelly does very little and her fear and what all she is holding back is palpable. It’s a really controlled, measured, mysterious performance.
Schreiber plays a torch in a firework factory. Her character is so much more alive than those around her and they want to touch the fire, but she seems to know that once she lights them, they will burn out quickly and she will be left alone, so she holds her distance. She is the Tall Poppy and you watch her come to terms with having more sunlight and accepting those consequences, even if it means living in Idaho.
And both of these women are far ahead of the men in their lives and it holds the play back. The male characters are not as interesting and so when these women spend their time with them or want to be with them, it feels false.
A really good exploration of relationship. I like it a lot.

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