Office Beat - A Tap Dance Comedy

dance & physical theatre · tap overload · Ages 6+ · United States of America

family friendly
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June 10, 2016 original article

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I love that this show knows exactly what it is, and embraces it fully. This is a dance show with enough of a plot to get from one number to the next and provide a theme. There are no sticky sub-plots or long winded monologues. In fact there’s no dialogue at all. Instead all interactions are done in pantomime and are over the top which helps set the world in which an entire office tap dances all day long. It is a cute concept, and the tap dancing is great! Every last one of the dancers on the stage does a great job and has seemingly unlimited energy. I was exhausted just from watching them. Their run time is an hour, and of that 60 minutes, I would guess that someone was tapping for at least 55 of those minutes. If you are a fan of tap dancing, or have never really experienced tap dancing, check out this show. It’s worth your time. #SeeItLA

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