solo performance · carla delaney · Ages 13+ · United States of America

one person show world premiere
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June 05, 2016 certified reviewer

What I liked

Fast-paced with precision. Had to be, with so much funny to squeeze in!

Carla has amazing writer chops, and as an actor kept the energy of the show at a jaw-dropping non-stop hilariousness. The flow was packed full of riveting moments, and never dull. Her story was so professionally executed- you must have gotten to hear over a dozen hilarious impersonations, all woven into her personal story about the hilarity of childhood fear, and a riotous first sexual encounter. (Won’t say anymore on that)

She wore her heart on her sleeve, and yet never lost control over the audience being in the palm of her hand.

What I didn't like


My overall impression

Like a well-oiled machine, powered with a strong human heart of gold!

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